Cash Flow Analysis Tool

Empower your business decision-making with precise financial insights. Calculate your EBITDA & Debt Service Coverage Ratio (DSCR) to assess your loan eligibility and optimize financial strategies.

Optimize your business’s financials with our intuitive Cash Flow Analysis Tool. Identify key metrics to prepare for growth.


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Navigate your business finance landscape with clarity using our Cash Flow Analysis Tool. Equipped with a detailed PDF report, this tool demystifies key financial metrics, giving you the insights needed to solidify your strategy for securing a business loan.


  • Empower Your Financial Narrative: Understand the essentials of EBITDA and DSCR within the context of your business, learning how these indicators can impact your loan discussions and prospects.
  • Tailored Financial Breakdown: Receive an in-depth breakdown of your operational cash flow, providing a snapshot of your financial health and demonstrating your business’s capacity to manage new funding effectively.
  • Strategic Loan Readiness: Our analysis does more than just compile numbers; it offers a strategic perspective on how to position your finances when approaching lenders, enhancing your credibility and loan negotiation leverage.
Embrace a proactive approach to your business’s financial strategy with our Cash Flow Analysis Tool and step confidently into your next loan application.

“Business owners need to know what is needed when asking for a loan…Rosantina helps them prepare for the application to ensure they get the best offers on the kindest terms with the greatest chance for success. She is a valuable ally.”

Robert S.

Sales Executive, SWBC

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