Credit Report Knowledge

Know what is inside your credit report and avoid any surprises when applying for a loan.


one time payment


  • Workbook & video tutorial to provide expert guidance on how to navigate through the three main credit bureaus and other aspects of your credit report
  • Learn how to dispute inaccurate data (and get it removed)
  • Get a bank’s perspective on your credit report (including how this affects your ability to borrow)
  • One-on-one virtual consultation to provide personalized guidance and advice during the process (and ultimately get you one step closer to business loan approval)

As a former business banker, I can give you the inside scoop on what banks look for when evaluating your credit report and determining your eligibility for a business loan. Before you apply for a business loan, let’s make sure your credit report is good to go. I’ll also show you how to protect your credit report from fraud. 

What You’ll Need to Start

  • A copy of your credit report

“Business owners need to know what is needed when asking for a loan…Rosantina helps them prepare for the application to ensure they get the best offers on the kindest terms with the greatest chance for success. She is a valuable ally.”

Robert S.

Sales Executive, SWBC

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