Business Loan Payment Calculator

Calculate your business loan payment and receive advice!




  • Save a trip to the bank and receive the bank guidelines and advice about obtaining a business loan with a bank.  
  • Great for business owners who are thinking about financing soon.
  • Receive a PDF report with banker advice that will include your estimated loan payment, collateral requirements, and documentation needed based on your loan purpose.

What You’ll Need to Start

  • Determine the loan amount you want to borrow.
  • Determine the purpose of the loan.  How will the loan proceeds be used?
    • Purchase Vehicle for the business
    • Purchase Equipment
    • Start a Business
    • Refinance and Existing Loan – Vehicle/Equipment
    • Refinance an Existing Loan – Real Estate
    • Purchase Owner – Occupied Real Estate
    • Purchase Investment Real Estate
    • Leasehold Improvement
    • Real Estate Construction 
    • Line of Credit/Working Capital
    • Purchase a Business 

“With decades of experience in the banking business… Rosantina is the go-to person to get first-hand advice on how to best prepare your business to deal with banks.”

Rafa Juarez

Creative Director, DP Film Director, Web Architect, RJC Communications

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