One-on-One Loan Consultation

Expert Answers to Your Small Business Loan Questions: Get the Funding You Need.

Rosantina Aranda Owner of Business Lending Advocate

Who is Rosantina Aranda?

After working in banking for over 30 years, Rosantina realized there was a gap between bank business lending and small businesses. She founded Business Lending Advocate to bridge this gap by educating small business owners with lending knowledge.

With over 30 years of banking experience serving the financial needs of business owners, her banking experience gave her insight into both lenders’ decision-making processes and business owners’ credit needs. She applies this knowledge to each client’s loan request and help move qualified applications to approval with minimal delay.

“My mission is to empower business owners with clear insights about how the bank is evaluating their businesses’ financial condition so they can apply with confidence.”


Your One-on-One Loan Consultation Includes:

A One Hour Conversation

with Rosantina Aranda, an experienced business banker and founder of Business Lending Advocate.

Receive Professional Insights

regarding banking, business loans, bank lending, and any questions you have.

Receive a Summarized Email

after the meeting containing each question, answer, and piece of advice discussed.

Get Connected With Trusted Business Professionals

that can further assist you with your business needs (Bankers, CPAs, Bookkeepers, etc.).

Questions? We are always available to help.

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