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Streamlining the Path to Approval

Unlock unparalleled access to SBA 7A loan specialists and ensure your business is fully prepared for success with our full guidance.


No Hidden Costs

Navigate the SBA 7A loan application process with unparalleled ease and confidence, leveraging our expert guidance to prepare you for success. Our service is designed to demystify the SBA 7A loan requirements, providing you with the critical knowledge and preparation needed to engage with specialists and secure your 


  • Demystifying SBA 7A Loans: The SBA 7A loan process can seem overwhelming and complex, with its stringent criteria and detailed documentation requirements. We specialize in simplifying this process, offering clear, straightforward guidance on what you’re getting into and what you need, just as if you were applying for a more traditional loan. By breaking down the barriers of complexity, we make the path to securing an SBA 7A loan as smooth and understandable as possible.

    Strategic Loan Application Preparation: Receive a personalized breakdown of the SBA 7A loan application process, including essential documents, expected equity injection, and how to present your business case effectively. This preparation empowers you to approach the application with a well-defined strategy, ensuring that you meet all the requirements and significantly enhancing your likelihood of approval.

  • Exclusive Specialist Connection: Once you are thoroughly prepared, we connect you directly with a carefully selected SBA 7A loan specialist from our extensive network. This specialist will provide personalized guidance through the intricate aspects of the application process, ensuring you have the expert support needed to navigate the final steps towards securing your loan.

  • Tailored SBA 7A Loan Strategy: Receive expert advice that combines detailed financial analysis with your business’s unique needs and loan objectives. Whether you aim to expand, refinance debt, or increase working capital, our tailored strategies are designed to enhance your financial approach, reflecting your distinct business environment and optimizing your chances for loan approval.

What You’ll Need to Start

  • Deal Summary detailing need for loan
  • 3-year tax returns for borrowing business
  • 3-year personal tax returns for guarantors
  • Interim financial statements for borrowing business within 90 days of loan
  • Projections for business (if applicable)
  • SBA Form 413 (Personal Financial Statement) for personal guarantors dated within 90 days of loan

“Business owners need to know what is needed when asking for a loan…Rosantina helps them prepare for the application to ensure they get the best offers on the kindest terms with the greatest chance for success. She is a valuable ally.”

Robert S.

Sales Executive, SWBC

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